Palazzoli, Higlight


Quality, product innovation and service

In 1904 Palazzoli began its activity in Brescia when electrical energy was first used in the industry.

The company is specialized in manufacturing electrical appliances with safety features that are protected and watertight, for industrial, marine, civil, agricultural and OEM applications.

The offer of PALAZZOLI extends into a wide range of finished products, to which special customized solutions are specifically developed in accordance to the needs of end-users.

The product conforms to technical and safety standards and is manufactured with very high quality materials, in metal and self-extinguishing isolated thermosetting (GRP) and thermoplastic.

Palazzoli undertakes the commitment towards all end-users to offer reliable, safe and lasting quality products at the best service.

This task, as in the last century of activity, continues to honour  the trust and respect that customers have posted in its trademark.