Large power systems, 36 - 288kW

The Cabinetized Flatpack2 and Powerpack Large power systems includes rectifier capacity of up to 2340A per cabinet, controller and flexible distribution options, all in one single cabinet.

Eltek's Large Power System can be equipped with either Flatpack2 2kW, Flatpack2 3kW or Powerpack 5800 rectifiers. Basic configuration with Flatpack2 2kW rectifiers is with six power shelves with the possibility to expand up to 12 (in steps of three). Basic configuration with Flatpack2 3kW rectifiers is with three power shelves with the possibility to expand up to 9 (in steps of three). Basic configuration with Powerpack 5800 rectifiers is with three power shelves with possibility to expand up to 5 (in steps of one).

Industry Applications

Eltek's Large Power System proves that Flatpack2 and Powerpack are the ultimate building blocks in any telecom application. With a broad variety of options, the cabinetized power systems is ideal for all large power demanding sites, such as:

  • Central Office
  • Base Station Control Sites
  • Data Centers

Key features

  • Flexible basic cabinet configurations
  • Flexible expansion configurations
    - Extended Power Cabinet
    - Extended Distribution Cabinet
    - Flexible DC Distribution configurations

Other options:

  •  System monitoring
  • Flatpack 2 modules
  • Powerpack modules
  • Full height lockable door
  • Dummy panels and unit doors
  • Configurable mains input
  • Surge Protection Device
  • LVBD (Low Voltage Battery Disconnection)
  • LVLD (Low Voltage Load Disconnection)
  • Lifting lugs
  • Plinths for sufficient cabling

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