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Power factor correction systems ICAR offers a lot of solutions for automatic or fixed PFC, also for industrial plants with heavy duty and high temperature environments.


Fixed power factor correction module for three-phase networks, in IP3X metallic box enclosed in epossidic powder painted plate. Powers from 5 to 50kvar at 400V.




Fixed power factor correction module for three-phase networks in plastic modular box with IP40 protection degree. The modularity of SUPERriphaso family enables obtaining the needed reactive power by properly combining several modules by a simple and fast electric and mechanical link.

Powers from 5 to 50kvar at 400V.



Fixed power factor correction system for three-phase networks, in IP3X metallic enclosure.

It’s equipped by a load disconnecting switch with integrated door lock and switchboard panel voltage signal- light. The bank output is up to 60kvar 400V.




It’s the smallest size automatic power factor correction unit suitable for power factor correction of small loads.

Made in modular conception to simplify parts replacement and maintenance.

For reactive power up to 65kvar 400V.



It’s suitable to power factor connection of small/middle size loads; its output is up to 225kvar at 400V, depending on selected range. It is made up of racks, easy to remove and to facilitate operation and maintenance. Many option are available according to options table.





Automatic power factor connection systems of middle size; it can generate up to 420kvar at 400V depending on rate voltage. The internal layout is based on racks (MIDIracks) with plug-in fast auxiliary wiring harness and top/bottom cable entry adjustable even on site.



Automatic power factor connection systems for big plants, up to several Mvar of output (it is done by MASTER/SLAVE cabinets); cable entry on each column o via common main switch/breaker.

Also MULTImatic is internally organized with rack trays for better flexibily and faster maintenance.

This device is also available with static switches as real time PFC bank (“SPEED” o /S range).



Standard features

Common standard characteristics: RPC regulator; RAL 7035 colour; temperature control, IP3X protection degree
    Micromatic  MINImatic MIDImatic MULTImatic 
Cables input   high/low high low low
Ventilation   natural forced forced forced
Other common characteristics: RPC regulator, RAL 7035 colour, temperature control, IP3X protection degree


Available options

      Micromatic  MINImatic MIDImatic MULTImatic 
Cable input reversing yes no yes (4) yes (4)
IP55 degree/cables input   yes (high) yes (low) no yes (low)
RPA controller (1)   no no yes yes
Control multimeter MCP4 (2) no yes yes yes
Colours under request   yes yes yes yes
Circuit breaker   no yes no yes
Fused load break switch   no yes no yes
Melted fuse signal no yes no yes
Different short circuit upon request yes yes yes yes
Thyristor switched version (3) no no no yes

Capacitor bank control software

yes yes yes yes
Remote control with modem no no yes yes

(1) compare to the standard RPC regulator has also: RS485 serial communication, measure functionality, external temperature measurement

(2) for pfc system protection against max THD, max temperature

(3) enable pfc even in presence of fast loads

(4) specify in order


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